Neutral Wireless can deliver a variety of technical/engineering short courses across the related technological areas of:

  • 5G Private Mobile/Wireless Networks
  • Software Defined Radio & DSP
  • FPGA and RFSoC Systems Design

We also offer custom and concise 1-day “primer” courses and webinars on several 5G and wireless network topics — presenting core need-to-know information in an accessible format for management and non-engineering professionals.

Our trainers are experienced engineers with Masters / PhD educations and extensive industrial engineering and design experience. All courses are hosted by 2 trainers at all times, with a lead presenter and a supporting domain expert.

All courses are also available on-site at company locations in EU, USA, and EMEA upon request. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to request and on-site course proposal.

Our Short Course Catalogue:

5G and Private Networks

FPGA & RFSoC Design

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) using the RFSoC (2 days)
  • FPGA Design and Implementation (3 days)
  • Designing with the RFSoC Zynq FPGAs and PYNQ Workflow (3 days)
  • HDL Systems Design using MathWorks HDL Coder (3 days)

DSP Core Skills

  • Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (3 days)
  • DSP and Digital Communications (3 days)