With Software Defined Radio (SDR) driving the new markets of 5G private networks, OpenRAN, and shared spectrum, Neutral Wireless brings engineering expertise in radio systems design and networks knowledge to market.

Spectrum Unleashed3

Neutral Wireless has extensive experience in the design of shared spectrum, bands, mobile & wireless bands and for general radio systems design. Working with tier2 partner radios and with 4G/5G software stacks we can deliver solutions in variety of low to mid bands, from 450MHz, to 3.8/4.2GHz.

SDR Solutions

Using powerful tools and techniques enabled by DSP design, software defined radio, neutral hosting and dynamic spectrum access, Neutral Wireless can deliver end to end radio network solutions for use in a range of domains including industrial IoT, private networks, and rural environments

FPGA & RFSoC Design

An experienced engineering team of FPGA and DSP system designers at Neutral Wireless can create custom software solutions, work with open-source, and provide system integration services for Xilinx Zynq, MPSoC & RFSoC.

OpenRAN & Neutral Host

Neutral Host

Dynamic Spectrum Access


Containerised Solutions