Our Story

It’s all about Software Defined Radio & Engineering.

Our engineering team has extensive experience, all the way back to working with SDR solutions in the 1990s, back when the market was being created by Harris Downconverter devices and Xilinx Virtex devices – the exciting prospect of just a few DSP multipliers on one chip in stark contract to today’s many 1000s of DSP multipliers!  Compared to today’s multichannel DAC/ADC RF sampling rates of more than 5GHz, back in the late 1990s early SDR was just at sampling rates of 1MHz as part of IF systems.

Roll forward to now, our engineering team works with the latest SDR design and development platforms and will customise, design and install network grade radios and software stacks for 4G, 5G and custom implementations, and design custom DSP and SDR solutions for a wide range of RF based systems.

Management, Partners, and Stability

Senior colleagues and associates in the company have held positions across the industry, including at Tier 1 UK, US and Japanese mobile companies, governments, UK and US universities, and have experience working jointly with industry and government / civic partners in a number of UK, EU, African and other locations.  

With close association to the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow City Innovation District (GCID) Technology and Innovation Zone, the senior team in the company have worked together as part of the StrathSDR team for more than 10 years.

Company Growth & Future Investor Relations

Neutral Wireless is a privately held company with ambition to grow internationally.  We are doing this through engineering excellence and offering our first rate consultancy, engineering design services, product sales of deployable 5G radios, and product development of the next generation RFSoC enabled SDR solutions.

Our strategy will build relationships with key Tier 1 partners and international SMEs, and be a responsive and collaborative company to help solve problems of connectivity.  

Strategic Interest to engage with us?

Contact our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Cameron Speirs,
Email: cameron.speirs@neutralwireless.com.

Not Another Revolution?

Just like the Soundblaster audio revolution brought audio to everyone’s desktop in the early 1990s, we see this as the ‘RFBlaster’ moment – get ready for every desktop and computing device having SDR – any signal, any time, any place (just need the right antenna, and RF gain stages, so keep in with the analogue guys!).  Our team is experienced and enthusiastic, and our industry and academic partners are first rate.

Shared Spectrum, Shared Know-How, Shared Success.