Ofcom Consultation: Enabling Opportunities for Innovation

Ofcom, the UK spectrum regulator, recently ran a consultation on ‘Enabling Opportunities for Innovation’. In this, new spectrum licensing models are proposed that would allow third parties to access unused spectrum that is licensed to a national MNO, and provide a service using shared spectrum technologies.

We fully support the opening up of existing Wireless Telegraphy Act spectrum (i.e. mobile spectrum), on a per-location shared basis, and in particular the recognition that new market entrants using sharing would require a period of certainty with the grant of a sharing-based license.

Neutral Wireless strongly feel that the proposed 3 years of access for a “Shared Spectrum – Local Licence” is sufficient to make use of this spectrum economically viable in the manner intended by Ofcom. Sharing of spectrum, either by local license, or DSA, makes it possible to deliver connectivity to communities currently unserved by mobile network operators, after 4 previous rounds of spectrum auctions.

The consultation responses have been made public, so you can either check out the Ofcom website or review our submission here.